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About the Movie

The “Mystery Man” Movie is a film written, directed and produced by Eric Patton. The film is about an angelic type man that shows up at the right time to help people that are going through problems, troubles, adverse circumstances and life threatening situations. Using illusions and biblical wisdom, he leads them to a relationship with Christ that changes their life. Music, illusions, films and theater has been in the heart of Eric since he was a child. Now the Lord has blessed him to pursue his dreams. What made him push forward was when his mother went home to be with the Lord April 25, 2013. He remembered the words she always would tell him, “Boy, you got too much talent to let it go to waste. You better use you gifts.” These words are what keeps him going. Since then he has launched full force and God has been attracting the right people, places and things to accomplish His Will in Eric’s life. Blessings are running him down as he purposes to do what God has called him to do.

Here is a recent interview on Channel 24 Memphis:


Here is a clip from Ms. Ruby Wilson receiving the WC Handy Lifetime Music Award. She is host in our movie and she also mentions our movie “Mystery Man” in her Channel 5 News interview:

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